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Skype Voice Changer Software

If you want to do some prank or hide your original voice, then you should give a try to Skype Voice Changer application. Let's have a quick overview of its features

  • Transform your Voice when you are doing conversation on Skype
  • Preview your Voice Before Sending
  • Different Sound effects available in the software.
  • Different accent is available to change your voce accordingly
  • The software is compatible with Windows OS


Exclusive Features of Skype Voice Changer

Transform your voice on Skype

Now your wish come true to prank your friend by transforming your voice like robot or heavy tone with Skype Voice Changer software. It allow you to preview each effects to listen before you send it at real time to your friend or colleagues.

Replay Different Sounds

Are you looking for pretending that you are in a heavy traffic or in a dense forest over the call. Well Skype voice changer allow you to do so. It has pre-recorded sound effects which you want to be heard by another person over phone. The library include sound effect of car horn, herd of sheep & many more.

Computer Generated Voice

The voice effects that is in built with Skype Voice Changer help you to transform your voice completely to cover yourself. The speech synthesis feature allow you to convert your text to speech. First type in whatever you want to speak, then select the voice which you want to use & click the Play button. In a different accent the voice get generated.

Record Skype Conversation

The software has additional feature that allow you to record the ongoing conversation. It save your call into different audio format like: WMA, MP3 & AAC which will be easily accessible with modern audio player.

Easy to Use

The software has easy GUI through which you easily change your voice in DIY steps. Even if you are not technical enough then also the UI will guide you to all the steps.

Windows Compatibility

The software is successfully run on Windows OS. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, xp without any issue.

Steps to change your Skype Voice

# 1 Connect to Skype: To use Skype Voice Changer your Windows based system should have Skype installed & running currently. When you launch the software, you'll get notified by an icon showing whether it has successfully detected and attached to Skype. If the Skype is not running in your system then following will happen:

Attach Skype to  the Software

You'll need to click the "Allow Access" button, when it is showing notification: "awaiting authorization status".

awaiting authorization

Once you have done this Skype Voice Changer will be able to attach, and you should see a notification message to allow the access. Click on Allow Access:

Allow access

Then you will get a successful notification message that it is ready to start with your Skype.

Successful Notification

# 2 Use Sound Effects: Select the effect you wish to apply to your voice from the list on the left in the effects screen (click on "effects" to get to this screen):

Sound Effect

Note: Remember! You won't be hearing the change to your voice during the conversation. This is because Skype does not play the sound of your own voice back to you during a call.

So to preview your voice, you can use the Preview button to listen your voice before it get heard by the person at another end.

# 3 Play Back Pre-Recorded Sounds: On the sounds screen, you can play back a sound for the other person to hear. To access the sounds screen, simply click on the word Sounds.

Play Back Recorded Voice

Frequently Asked Queries

Q: I am unable to hear my voice, why is it so?

A: To prevent the echoe sound, where the the person you are talking to doesn't hear multiple echoes of the sound at the same time. Well you can play the sound after the call, because of its available recording feature.

Q: Will this software work on Mac system as well?

A: No, the software is compatible with Windows OS version only.

Q: How to test effects and sounds, if they are working properly or not?

A: The best method of verifying Skype Voice Changer is to make a call to the Echo. This will record your voice and play it back to you. It is the preview feature of the software. That way you get to hear what the effects & sounds that you have played sound like to the other user.

Q: Is this utility support conference calls? I want to add more and more friends in the call.

A: No, Right now the Skype voice changer supports conversation between two person. The company is claiming that it would add this option in future for sure. Get more details here..

Client’s Review

I would give this 10 out of 10 because this option for Skype has made my work so easier. So before making contacts to strangers, I can use it to judge them. Thanks a lot.

The accent feature available in the software really worked for us. Actually I have client having different accent, so now I can communicate more easily in their accent without adding too much effort. Seriously I can't afford to waste my time in learning different accent & which your software made it easier for me.

I pranked one of my friends with the software with it feature the sheep sounds. I was laughing to death! ... I really love this application.