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How to Recover Suspended Skype ID

“No idea why but i believe i just got my microsoft account banned came back to my pc to see i was signed out and then I was told that the account has been banned because it is used for suspicious activity. I just tried to find my school friend on skype with his name, with whom I am not in touch right now. So I tried to searching Skype with his name. I was not sure about the exact id. But I have not any type of suspicious activity from my account. I have been using Skype since 2012 & now suddenly Microsoft suspended my account."

How to Recover Suspended Skype Account

Well at some extent it is possible to recover the banned Skype account. It will become possible when you authenticate your Microsoft account properly.

Recover Suspended Skype Account

  • First go to the official Skype Account Recovery Page using the link:
  • Then, Type your Skype User Account Name
  • Now it guide you step by step & ask for some security questions like your email, phone number, a security question. Just enter the asked details.
  • And, finally account recovery of your Skype account is done

Once you completed with the above steps of recovery, you should follow the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to avoid any future trouble.

  • Using subscriptions for telemarketing or call centre operations
  • Re-selling subscription minutes
  • Sharing subscriptions between users whether via a PBX, call centre, computer or any other means

Tip: Consider to Change your Skype Password to avoid Permanent Account Suspension, because someone may be using your account on the behalf of you


This is a quick solution provided for recovering your banned Skype account. In future you must make sure not to violate any of the policies of Microsoft account to avoid future suspension of your Skype account. If still you are facing challenges then try considering to call our Skype Customer Care number to recover your account back.