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How to set up Skype Click to call Option?

Skype is a widely used application because it is offering free chatting, voice & video calls over all the world. Skype is also popular among its user due to many reasons like: Microsoft Brand name association, features for managing contacts, etc. If you are utilizing the Skype feature: Click to Call by the installation of app in your browser. This is a simple add-in which connect with the Skype & allow to use the features.

The app allow you to monitor & detect phone numbers, and permits you to call that number directly from your web browser. The great thing about this app is that you just need to tap on the number to call. And the app is compatible with the all the three major browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox. So while configuring the application you need to choose the browser on which you want to enable this Click to Call application feature.

How to set up Skype Click to call feature?

  • Download the Skype app for Windows and tap on the Click to call the plug-in from the Google Playstore.
  • Now restart your browser which you have enabled for the app
  • You can also select the phone numbers on web pages.

For any kind of issue you are facing while setting up the Click to Call feature, you can contact a 3rd party Skype Customer care for their technical assistance.

Steps to start a call from your web browser

  • Login your Skype account.
  • Now hover your mouse on the phone number and tap to call.
  • If you require any change then you can simply change your country code, tap on the drop-down arrow.
  • Lastly, click on OK and a call will start in Skype.
  • In case if the Click to call option not getting enabled or not working then try to reboot your PC. After that the problem get fixed if any.

By using the Skype Click to call feature you have the power that the number you encountered while browsing can be called using your browser itself. On the other hand you can disable the feature or uninstall the Click to Call app from your system.