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Skype Virus Removal Software Service

With the growing number of Skype user, the scam rate also grow, due to the vulnerability of Skype application.

Nowadays user reporting the virus issue in their PC that enter through their Skype account. Well you might me thinking how is it possible instead of secure service of Skype.

Well Skype do not have in-built Virus scan phenomenon, because of which many users become victims of the Virus. The user is getting that virus link from their connections or unknown user. After opening of which, user’s system get infected due to virus

User who faced these issues may be wondering why their antivirus did not blocked these infected exe or files. It happen because you yourself knowingly or unknowingly approved the installation of such viruses. Sometime these viruses are so harmful, that it ask for money by getting access of your Skype Credential & make you unable to access it. This is a sort of Ransomware.

Let;s have a look on common type of virus attack that happened on user’s Skype account, during which these virus get installed in their PC.

  1. An unknown friend request with Spam messages & Baidu Link [China’s popular search engine]
  2. An message comes: “Hi, is this your new profile pic? [A short URL created by Google Shortner to gain your trust]”
  3. Another method the scammer apply to fool you by making fake virus calls or generating a pop up calls. And then suggest you to purchase a particular application to fix the virus issue.
  4. Trojan.Peskyspy: This is also a virus type, which make it’s replica & infect your system. In this scenarios, the users' pc get leaked, and any audio, like a phone call conducted using the computer's microphone, is recorded and can be accessed and misused.

If you are being fooled by such traps the beware from these scam. Do not open any link before you get assured it is from a genuine contact.

There are some free utilities which you can install to remove virus for free of cost.

Top three Skype Removal Software

  1. MalwareBytes: This is anti malware software & help you to detect virus on your system & delete it accordingly. After deleting the files or viruses, MalwareBytes may require to reboot your machine, allow it to do so.
  2. HitmanPro: This is another utility that allow you to remove Skype viruses through it’s powerful scanning. After finishing the scan it list the viruses in your system. You can delete it as per your convenience or configure to auto delete it.
  3. AdwCleaner: This application is helpful in removing unwanted browser ads, hijackers, toolbars & programs in Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer. No need to install the application because it is a plug n play application.

Manual Way to Delete Skype Virus

For Windows User:

  • If the Skype icon is previewed in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, right-click it and select Quit.
  • Click on Start button, type "run" and press Enter.
  • Type "%appdata%\skype" and click OK.
  • Find and delete the file shared.xml. The file may be displayed as shared if file extensions are not displayed by default on your computer.
  • If you cannot find this file:
  • If you unable to find file then make sure the files are not hidden
  • Restart Skype application.