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Lync Technical Support – Dedicated 3rd Party Customer Service

Are you trying to perform the following functionalities in Skype for Business

  • Make & Receive calls in Lync
  • Update your status on Skype for Business
  • Add Contacts
  • Update or apply profile picture
  • Share your Screen
  • Install Skype for Business
  • Reset Password on Lync
  • Search for old chat
  • Record & resume meeting
  • Setup meeting in Outlook
  • Set audio device options

Let’s see the procedure to delete the shared.xml file.

  • Strong knowledge of Lync – the ability to troubleshoot and configure
  • We are experts in Office 365 apps
  • We have experience of administration and maintenance of Active Directory
  • We help you to install, configure & maintain server hardware and operating systems
  • We provide you service to reset forgotten Skype Password for Business account.
  • We help you to Make & Receive calls in Lync, Update your status on Skype for Business, Add Contacts, Update or apply profile picture, Share your Screen, Install Skype for Business, Search for old chat, Record & resume meeting, Setup meeting in Outlook, Set audio device options

Features of Lync Tech Support

  • Our agents can handle multiple support sessions simultaneously.
  • We provide support for Skype for Business, Lync 2013, Lync 2010, Skype for Business, Lync Online – Dedicated, and Office 365 via Lync Federation

Frequently Asked Queries

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  • How do I install Lync 2013 on my computer?
  • How do I install Lync 2013 client on my mobile?
  • What is my "Lync Mobile Number"?
  • How do I turn off all pictures in Lync, including my own?
  • Why does the Relationships view of my Contacts list include people I never added to my list, and how do I get them off of it?
  • To remove any of these “unlisted” contacts from your Relationships view
  • When I make a Lync call does it use my mobile minutes?
  • Why don't I see all my conversation history on my mobile phone?
  • How do I display or change my picture on my mobile phone?
  • What version of Lync do I have to be on to use Lync on my mobile device?
  • How do I use my mobile phone to communicate with Lync users?
  • How do I keep my Lync conversation window on top of all the other windows on my computer, so I can see it while I work?
  • How do I add a contact from outside of my company to my Contacts list?
  • How do I find contacts within my organization?
  • How do I block contacts from reaching me via Lync?
  • How do I get added to or removed from a list of delegates?
  • How do I organize my contacts by location, department, or other criteria?
  • How do I create a group?
  • How many contacts can I have?
  • How do I setup my display so Lync will by default appear on the taskbar instead of always taking up space on my screen?
  • How do I keep Lync from starting automatically every time I log on to Windows?
  • How do I add an internal contact to my Contacts list?