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Skype Password Recovery

Have you Forgotten your Skype Password or unable to login Skype? Don't worry we are here to assist you in these cases:

  • If you Forgot Skype Password
  • If you do not remember the email address
  • If you forgot the Phone number you have registered with Skype

Many user told us Official Skype Password Reset not working when they tried to recover their Skype password with their Email or Phone number. Are you also one of the help seeker? If yes, then there is a good news for you you:

We are third party Skype Password Recovery service provider & not hold any kind of affiliation from Skype in anyways. In actual we are a team who is providing solutions for Skype related problems and not charging any amount untill the problem get resolved & fixed. And off course forgotten Skype Password is one of the prominent issue faced by the user. So we have a dedicated team who will analyze the issue & troubleshoot it for you.

Note: We do not endorse any unethical or hacking activities for the account, so please do not expect from us to reset Skype Password for someone's account. For using our service first you need to verify to us that you are the owner of the related account

Conventional Method to Change Skype Password

  • Step 1: Click on Forgot Password & Move to their Skype password recovery page.
  • Step 2: Either provide your email id or Phone Number, It will give you the hint related to your Id or Phone Number.
  • Step 3: A code is generated & sent to your preffered email id or Phone number.
  • Step 4: Paste the code
  • Step 5: And you will be able to login your Skype again

Note: Although there are certain limitation in the conventional method, like it sometime ask the date of birth which you sometime add randomly or sometime it ask the security question too. Another limitation is that if you do not remember the email id or phone number then you will permanently lose your Skype account & would not able to reset Skype account credentials.

Alternative way to Recover Skype Password

Call us directly on our toll free number: +1-855-378-8884 & speak with our pro member of tech team. Our team is dedicated to help & assist you to access your Skype again by changing its password. We have various advance tricks through which we can easily recover your Skype account password, reset it & secure your account.

Tips to Create Secure Skype Password

  • Never ever Share your Password
  • Change Skype Password Periodically
  • Generate Password of Minimum 8 Characters
  • Include Special Characters & Numbers
  • Utilize Password Manager
  • Use Password Authentication in your Phone too

Frequently Asked Queries

Q: How to recover Skype username and password. I have created this account for testing purpose, but now I forgot both username & password. And currently anyhow I need to access this account to fetch some old data. Would it be possible for you guys to recover it or is there any possibility that I can get retrieve the data only?

A: Well, it depends on certain parameters. If you have the same computer & didn't formatted from the account Skype account creation data, then there may be a possibility that you can access your data. Please we are not talking about to retrieve Skype Password & username. We can help you to access your old Skype data by accessing the main.db file loacted in your System folder.

Q: I forgot skype password on mobile. Would it possible to retrieve it again.

A: Yes, It is possible to rerieve Skype password in mobile. You just need to provide certain details like: Mobile OS version (Android or iPhone or other). Last access, & some minor details. Then our representative will guide you step by step in the whole process.

Q: Would it be possible to recover Skype password through Browser?

A: If you have remembered the password while login your Skype account through web then it is possible to recover the Skype password through your respective browser

Client's Comments

I forgot my Skype password & unfortunately the Security question too. I got screwed when I was unable to login my Skype account although I know how to reset it. Thanks for assisting me to change my Skype password without knowing the security Question. Nice assistance by your team. Keep it up

Nice service by your team. Now I am able to login my Skype account without any issue. Thanks for resolving the security breach happened to me & securing my Skype account. I would surely recommend your Skype Password Recovery service in my circle.

I am using Skype from a very long time. When I clicked to forgot password, I provided my Skype credentials, it should provide me a reset password link on my email. Instead of going into next step, it ask me to enter my Microsoft account, which I never had created in my life. I had never faced this type of situation, but thanks to your service. You guided me properly with clear instructions & help me to know that why this happen.

I really like your service. Though there are a lot of similar service available to reset Skype password around but I found yours the best. Simple and clear instruction. I do not to need to add my much efforts in the complete process. Thanks!

I was looking for an alternative that could help me in recover Skype account password without email, because I didn’t remember it. On official website although I got the clue of email, but seriously I didn’t remember. Thanks for assisting me in the difficult situation, because accessing Skype account was a kind of urgency for me.

Amazing service provided by you guys, I am happy with your team, as they assisted me till the task get completed. Good work guys & keep it up

By profession I am a Digital Forensic Researcher, I know how to recover Skype password by resetting it, but at some point I get stuck because the the password converted as MD5 value due to which it was not accepting the password. And this is where you guys helped me out in this typical situation & let me know what was the actual issue behind it. Thanks for your valuable assistance

A lot of things worked really well, and some did not till I landed on this web page– overall it was a big learning experience from your team.

I was in the dire need of this service because how you can recover a skype account if you do not remember the email, but your really added so much efforts & finally I can access my Skype account. Thanks a lot!!!

I tried to reset Skype password from their official website, but their skype password recovery link not working. And finally I land on this page & I got my account recovered. I recommend this service. Thanks!

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